Campaign Launch Party


I would personally like to thank all the people that turned up to my Campaign Lunch last night at the Salamanca Inn. It was very humbling to hear all the kind words from Dr Polly McGee (thanks for your magnificent role of Mc) and can I say too - David Bartlett, a deep and meaningful thank you! For your great contribution and insight to why you have personally put your name and support behind me, and shared the experience of how long you have known me. It was a great speech and I can assure you - you have not lost your touch, you are truly a great public speaker. I had so so many people say to me after what a great job you did explaining why you have endorsed me to be the next Lord Mayor of this great city.

To my beautiful wife Julie Alexander, thank you for continued and unwavering support, to Penny Appleton - her trusty assistant on the evening, to all the DA helpers (looking sharp in the T-Shirts) a huge thank you, for help with the signs - and letter dropping... and basically who are going to share all my content via social media.


For those people who where unable to attend and still want to help please contact me on this number 0400 591 265 or we are looking for people to letter drop or help with signs.

I can’t do this without the support of the Hobart ratepayers. if you want the same old Alderman, then keep them the same. If you want some one that has common sense leadership with a proven track record, someone who knows how to run a successful business, someone who’s an innovative thinker, then Vote 1 Darren Alexander for Hobart City Council Lord Mayor and Alderman in the October elections.

Share the word with your Hobart friends and family Vote 1 Darren Alexander for Lord Mayor and Alderman.

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