Events Make Hobart Great

Evidence demonstrates that major events like Dark MOFO and Festival of Voices attract many intrastate, interstate and international visitors to Hobart. Major events like these put the city of Hobart on the world stage and help to boost the city's economy during the Winter months which typically see a large drop off in tourism numbers.

Festival of Voices attracted many visitors to the city.

Festival of Voices attracted many visitors to the city.


I understand how critically important having major events in Hobart is to our economy. These events bring people to our City, support our tourism sector and attract investment. Major events support our hospitality sector which fills our hotels, cafes, bars, and restaurants, which creates jobs. They help our retail businesses by bringing more paying customers to our city.

I am an advocate for bringing new major events to the City of Hobart, and if elected, will do my best to bring two new major events to Hobart in the months of August and September.

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