David Bartlett

Former Tasmanian Premier

I've known Darren Alexander for 20 years. I've watched him grow companies, export huge amounts of value to his customers, and create jobs in Tasmania for Tasmanians.


I think what Hobart needs right now is strong, common sense leadership. It's a city that's on the move, and going great places. What we need is new people with great, fresh new ideas to create a new approach based on common sense leadership.


In the time that I've known Darren, I've seen him support Tasmanian people, communities, and businesses. I've seen him use his knowledge and skills to contribute to the broader Tasmanian community and the Tasmanian economy, all while creating excellent opportunities for Tasmanian citizens.


In the community, Darren's always first to put his hand up to make a contribution to the people around him. For the Hobart Chargers he's been an outstanding volunteer and enormous help to the club, and his generosity and thoughtfulness extends far beyond a single sports club.

That's why, in the Hobart City Council Elections, I'll be supporting Darren Alexander for Lord Mayor and Alderman.